Why Genesis

Considering a premium brand such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus and others? The information you see below will show you why Genesis should be at the top of your short list.


All the hard work is paying off! In only its first year in existence, Genesis unseated Porsche for the #1 premium brand in the 2017 JD Power Initial Quality Study. So imagine how pleased we were when Genesis did it again in 2018, as the study's #1 overall brand. And we were elated when we were once again 2019's #1 overall brand! For 2020, Genesis remains atop the premium brand rankings. I guess that stings a little bit for Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Acura, Audi...

JD Power ranked Genesis as the 4th best luxury brand and 8th best overall for the 2021 US Dependability study.

I don't even know how to introduce or comment on this article from Road & Track. While this is an article about the GV80, it is also about Genesis in general. Click here to read why they say "Every decade or so, an automaker assembles a team so brilliant and motivated that everything they touch becomes magic. Right now, that team works for Genesis." The author does a great job describing why the GV80 is a truly special car.

Now this is interesting. In December 2020 US News released an article talking about factors that depreciate a car. On slide 6 of 13 (it is one of those slideshows with explanation on each slide) it mentions that luxury cars depreciate more quickly than mainstream brands on the whole... with the caveat Japanese and Korean luxury brands fare better than their European and American counterparts. That may be something else to consider if weighing Genesis against the competition.

US News compiles data from around the web and assigns ratings and rankings based on their collected data. In this article, they rate the best luxury brands for 2021. Genesis didnt take the #1 spot, but wait until you see where Genesis finished, and who all they finished above...

It is more than just JD Power taking notice. Hyundai has just been named Forbes Wheels Best Automaker for 2021. (Includes Genesis and Kia)

Genesis placed a car and a utility in the final three (each) for consideration for 2021 North American Car and Utility of the year. That means that in the Genesis placed a finalist in each of the two categories where they compete.

So I include this Car and Driver article just as an example of where Hyundai and Genesis are today. In it, Car and Driver lists the best new sedans of 2021. Every single sedan that Hyundai and Genesis make are on the list. Every. Single. One.

Let's face it, safety may not be as exciting a selling point as Genesis' other characteristics like great handling, smooth powertrains, and luxury amenities, but it is a very important feature when making your buying decision. Consumer Reports did a study that asked owners about how well these systems worked for them. Only one brand was consistently ranked among the very best by owners in each category: Genesis.

As technology becomes more and more important in today's cars, JD Power decided to do a study to see how satisfied owners are about whether their cars have advanced technology, and how trouble-free and easy to use that technology is. Hyundai rated as the #1 mass market brand, and Genesis finished just ahead of Hyundai as the #5 overall brand. This shows that Hyundai Group is focused on providing advanced, easy-to-use, and trouble free technology for their customers' use.

And if you prefer, you can listen to Kristin Kolodge of JD Power discuss the survey here. In the podcast, Kristin points out that Hyundai Group is a standout company as they have been delivering on reliable, easy-to-use, advanced technology for a number of years now.

Do you know what's funny? With all the awards from companies like JD Power, Consumer Reports, Brand Keys; vehicle accolades from companies like Car and Driver, Motor Trend, Road and Track, and others; I haven't forgotten about Hyundai and Genesis' great warranties, but it just doesn't come up much. For over a decade I have been spending so much time talking about how great the cars are, that I haven't really mentioned all that often how Hyundai and Genesis still possess the best warranties in the business. I'm glad I came across this US News article to remind me that the two best warranties in the business still belong to Hyundai and Genesis.

AutoBlog tested Hyundai's Highway Drive Assist technology in a Kia K5. The same system is available in many Hyundai and Genesis vehicles. They praised its seamless operation and the fact that the system did not need many corrections by the driver like many other automaker's systems do. Their opinion is Hyundai's system is well ahead of essentially every other mainstream automaker. The purpose of Highway Drive Assist is to help keep the car centered in its lane on the highway. The system can also help keep the posted speed limit, even when the speed limit changes. It also works in conjunction with the smart cruise control, which includes stop/start capability where the car can resume on its own after coming to a stop if the lead vehicle does so itself. The article further explains that the system is even better than many luxury vehicles, and that Genesis' Highway Drive Assist II offers even further capability like automatic lane change.

I don't know if you will find this article as interesting as I did. I have never visited Korea and likely never will (though I think I would really like to). It speaks of how the Korean culture that Genesis comes from is a mixture of traditional culture and cutting edge technology, fantastic and quick service, and has an appreciation for calm and "white space". And how Genesis seeks to incorporate those elements into their brand. The article mentions the G70, but it really about the brand itself.

Did you know that Genesis road tests their cars during development more than other premium manufacturers? Did you know that Genesis wants to focus on technologies that truly add to comfort, safety, performance, and usability and choose to forego the nearly useless technologies that some premium manufacturers do mainly just for marketing? Find out the why's to this and more in this article from an interview with Albert Biermann of Hyundai-Genesis.