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Hyundai Tucson information and reviews

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Here is Hyundai's official page for the new Tucson.


And the page for the Tucson Hybrid.

And the Tucson N Line and Plug-In Hybrid.

And their official walk-around video:

In this review of the Tucson, Automobile Magazine says that Honda and Toyota should be nervous. Why? They love the bold exterior styling and "stellar" interior. There is lots of legroom for the back seat passengers and a whole lot of cargo space. The Hybrid model has a lot of power and a 6-speed transmission instead of a CVT, which makes it even more fun to drive than the non-Hybrid model. I have perhaps an answer to a question they ask in the article: the reason I think Hyundai did not include a brake regen controller for the paddle shifters instead of gear selection is that they want it to operate just like a non-Hybrid model - they want the Hybrid to be as normal as the non-hybrid. That was the expressed point of the Hyundai Ioniq when it came out. They want a normal feeling car that happens to get great gas mileage. The Kona electric that they referenced is a fully electric model and that by nature operates a little differently.

While MotorTrend and Automobile Magazine (I didn't include MotorTrend's "First Drive" because it was word-for-word the same as Automobile's that I included above - they work together now - as does Road and Track and Car and Driver, must be the "and"s in their names) feel that the suspension is a little too firm, Car and Driver feels it is spot on (I like a slightly firmer ride as well). They also feel that the steering is weighted well. Otherwise, they had similar praises for the interior and exterior styling ,as well as the comfort. They appreciated both engines - the Hybrid and non-Hybrid - that were on offer for the press introductory event.

Tucson Hybrid

AutoGuide drove and reported on the Tucson Hybrid model. They readily admit that it doesn't get as good of fuel economy as its competitive set - the hybrids models of the Rav4, CR-V, and Escape - but its close - and beats them all in ride refinement and the fact that it uses a transmission that actually shifts. See here why they feel the Tucson beats the competition hands down.