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Here is Hyundai's official web page for the Sonata Hybrid.

Safety: The IIHS awarded the Sonata Hybrid a Top Safety Pick.

US News compiles reviews from around the web to help them provide car rankings, so think of what they do as consensus rankings of the experts. For 2021, the Sonata Hybrid is the #1 ranked "hybrid and elecric car", placing it ahead of the Prius, Leaf, Bolt, Camry Hybrid, and Accord Hybrid (and, well, every other car in the class). Kudos include great fuel efficiency (or course), lots of standard tech and safety features, and a large and comfortable interior.

Impressed with all of the tech, great fuel economy, back seat room for adults and car seats, and a usable trunk size, says that it could be "this year's can't-miss hybrid."

Autoguide went for a long highway drive in the new Sonata Hybrid. They found that the car came within 2 mpg of the posted estimate, which they found impressive, especially considering that they weren't taking it easy on the acceleration or speed. They found the ride comfort outstanding, even over bad midwest roads. And after over 500 miles straight of driving, he said that the seats were extremely comfortable and made for long-haul driving. After "sitting behind himself, he said his 6'4" frame had enough headroom in the front, though it was slightly tight in the back; legroom was good in both cases. They commented that acceleration power is good. As with all Hyundais, it has a lot of tech but it is all easy to use. In summation, he says if you want a stylish sedan with all-day comfort, the Sonata Hybrid is hard to beat.

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