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FUEL ECONOMY: This is a good article on why winter driving decreases your fuel efficiency. There are some tips about how to help offset some of the damage – I especially like the reminder about not warming up your car before driving off (only letting the car run for 30 seconds or so). That being said, if there is snow or ice on the car, I am definitely letting mine warm up for awhile.

FUEL ECONOMY: Some tips on driving more efficiently. These include idling less and removing excess weight (I know… I know…)

FUEL ECONOMY: Some tips on driving more efficiently. These include idling less and removing excess weight (I know… I know…)

FUEL ECONOMY AND ROOF RACKS: Did you know that your roof rack can really eat into your fuel economy? Consider removing them when you aren't using them.

ARE YOU WASTING MONEY ON PREMIUM FUEL?: Consumer Reports reported on tests that Consumer Reports and AAA performed to compare performance of various vehicles when run with regular gasoline and with premium gasoline. The results might surprise you.

10 FUEL ECONOMY FALLACIES: Autoguide shares 10 myths about fuel economy. Knowing these could help save you some money at the pump.

INSURANCE: Consumer Reports has a helpful article on how to save money on your insurance. One tip they offer is to use an insurance agent that can shop various brands for you.

And here is another article from Consumer Reports that kind-of backs that up. They recommend occasionally shopping your insurance provider to help make sure that you have a great deal (once again something Chris can do since he works with so many insurance companies).

INSURANCE: provides a list of 10 tips to help you save on your Auto Insurance as well. Among ther suggestions include taking a defensive driving course and investing in an anti-theft device.

LEASE END ADVICE: Hyundai is pretty reasonable on their lease-end inspections. But excess wear and tear does bring charges with it. Here is a neat article from that can help you avoid those excess wear and tear charges.

LEASE END SELF ASSESSMENT TOOL: Up until the middle of 2015, Hyundai used to contract a third party to do lease end inspections at a customer's home or work before they turned the lease in. That way there would be no question for the customer about whether or not they would owe anything for excess wear and use. The trouble is less than 30% of Hyundai lease customers would utilize this service. Often customers would not call to arrange the servce until it was too late to get an appointment before their lease was due to be returned. So now Hyundai has dropped that service in favor of a self-assessment tool that the customer can do themselves. If you are due to turn your Hyundai lease back in, and haven't taken advantage of the self-assessment tool, then be sure to click the link in this paragraph header to see if you have any excess wear and use on your car.

INSURANCE COSTS / TEEN DRIVER: Have a teen driver? Then you know your insurance costs are through the roof! Here are some tips from about how to keep those insurance costs down.

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