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Trusted Resources


This is Hyundai's official consumer page. Anything you want to know about Hyundai cars, and Hyundai, can be found here.


The official website Hyundai's premium brand, Genesis.


A great resource for all kinds of vehicle information including reviews, specs, and ratings. One of my favorite places to go if I am looking for previous model year non-Hyundai vehicle specs.

Car and Driver

Another magazine that exists mainly to review cars. But Car and Driver seems to focus more on the mainstream brand cars, trucks, and SUVs. Of course they cover the exotic and premium cars, too, it just seems to me that their focus resides where most of us buy as opposed to where most of us dream.

Road and Track

More track than road, they too focus on higher performing vehicles. Like Automobile Magazine, they do cover a wide variety of cars, including the ones we drive. Like Automobile Magazine, Car and Driver, and Motor Trend, Road and Track also has talented and entertaining writers. All four of these magazine could be read for entertainment.

Motor Trend

Like Automobile Magazine, Car and Driver, and Road and Track, they offer vehicle reviews that cover a wide range. They also tend to d a pretty decent job of articles that speak of vehicle technology so if you are the Popular Science type, then this may be your review magazine of choice.

Auto Week

This is the sister publication to Automotive News ("Auto News" listed below). A subscription is not required to view the site. Auto Week tends to focus on car reviews as well, freeing Auto News to focus on industry business news.

Consumer Reports

The magazine for the general consumer, they have a team dedicated to car reviews and reliability statistics as well as car care and safety. A subscription is required as they do not take advertising money to fund their research.

This site does a great job covering a little bit of everything: Car reviews, safety tips (including reviewing things like how easy hooking up car seats are in the cars they review), car care, and more. My site is a little like this, but focuses on Hyundai and is more of a compilation of things I come across.

Auto News

This is the standard for news reporting on the automotive industry. News about automakers, suppliers, production, sales, etc. But they do not offer much on car reviews, car care, etc. This site is for the automotive industry junkie,

Savage Geese

This is a YouTube channel, and they do a great job reviewing cars. They are a bit deadpan in their delivery but are a fun watch. They tend to be highly informative and the videos I have seen have treated their subjects fairly.

Engineering Explained

Given the name of the YouTube channel, you can tell it will be a little more technically minded. But I also find that when he covers subjects of interest, they are done so with helpful detail.

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