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Here is Hyundai's official web page for the Palisade.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded the Palisade a Top Safety Pick+, their highest rating.

Autoweek feels that the Palisade may just be the standard-bearer in its class. They really liked the interior roominess and how the 6-foot journalist could sit behind himself in the second row and even in the third row. He pointed out that there is extra second-row foot room under the front seats, which apparently isn't very common in this class. He was impressed by the powerful 3.8L V6 and the 8-speed automatic it was attached to. When considering drive comfort, driving dynamics, easy-to-use controls, and then factoring in price, he said its the one to beat.

Car and Driver names the Palisade to their Editors' Choice awards. They speak highly of the dash layout, class-leading feature set, and that every trim level has a ton of value built in, but you know that the Palisade is excellent when they list "tight door pockets" among the three items they didn't like. They go on to say that the top spec version is worthy of Hyundai's luxury badge, Genesis.

Car and Driver points out 10 of their favorite features about the Hyundai Palisade that proves that it was more thoughtfully designed than its competition. Among their favorites are the way the second row releases to allow access to the third row and the cord tunnel for the front center bin.

Would you like to see abother video review of the Palisade? commented after driving the car in Idaho. They mention that it is comfortable to drive to match the comfort of the interior, comes with a long list of standard and available amenities, has tons of interior space, and is highly competitive in the segment.

So when I choose what reviews I put onto the website, I try to choose ones that have something valuable to say. One of my criteria is I want to hear opinion from the review. You can go to Hyundai's website and see the specs and pricing. Savage Geese often does a pretty good job. They have a lot to opine about the Palisade, but they boil it down to essentially it is great in every way. They did get a couple of things wrong on this one - they undershot the fuel economy a little and they underestimate the resale value. Hyundai Group vehicles have very competitive resale values now, and they are still improving. But they do call the Palisade and the Kia Telluride the two best 3-row midsize crossovers on the market today. has this video First Drive of the Palisade. In it, they praise the comfort, styling, power, and well-conceived electronic amenities. But they also point out he differences between the Palisade and the Telluride and explain why the Palisade may be the better option, especially in higher trims.

And those differences were enough to push the Palisade into the Best of 2020 Award over the Telluride... and BMW X7 for that matter. Yeah? Well, what about the new redesigned Toyota Highlander that wasn't available for testing for that comparison test? got one and compared it against the Palisade. Since Toyota had an extra year on the redesign, it should get the win, right? Well...

Automobile Magazine drove a Korean-spec version of the Palisade in South Korea. They pointed out that the the Palisade is roomy and comfortable and can even fit average-sized adults in the third row. The handling was responsive and composed on back roads and the ride never got rough during some mild off roading. Controls are easy to use and there are safety systems galore. They sum up saying the Palisade is a nice place to spend time and that it shows that Hyundai is at the top of its SUV game right now.

US News compiles reviews from around the web to help them provide car rankings, so think of what they do as consensus rankings of the experts. For 2021, the Palisade is the #2 ranked SUV with 3 rows. Kudos for the Palisade include a refined combinaton of ride and handling, a spacious and comfortable interior, and easy to use infotainment.

AutoBlog praises the Palisade as having a "uniquely elegant cabin" in its competitive set, with "shockingly good" quality. Definitely a step up from the competition in this regard. They go on to explain that it is one of the largest 3-row crossovers yet provides a well-rounded driving experience.

AutoBlog did a neat little series of photos-and-explanations to describe how much gear actually fits in the back of the Palisade, both with all seats in the upright position, and with the "40" side of the 60/40 third row folded.

In this review, an AutoBlog journalist took the Palisade on a trip with his wife and a couple of friends. He says this is where the Palisade really shined. The safety technology works flawlessly, and certainly better than other SUVs he has driven by Lexus, BMW, Subaru, and Honda. He said that his wife was comfortable in the third row and there was still room for all their gear. Additionally, all the adults were kept happy with all the USB charging ports. Taking it on a trip really helped him understand just how great the Palisade is.

In the hands of another AutoBlog journalist, on another trip, he and his wife think that they found their next 3-row SUV. See why he says it worked perfectly for him, his wife, the baby, their 4-year old, 2 dogs, and a week's worth of luggage, including all the kiddie gear. In this follow up article, he lets his readers know that after their time in the Palisade, his wife wants one.

Calligraphy Trim Level

MotorTrend took the Palisade Calligrapy for a road trip with several other adults that do not work in the automotive world. They commented that it was helpful hearing questions and comments from people not in the industry. After input from everyone, mostly high praises, they determined that it is an excellent vehicle for a road trip and that Hyundai has made it very friendly to live with. They call it a great value, too. See why here.

Palisade vs Competition

Since both are new for 2020, MotorTrend compared the Palisade to the Ford Explorer. The Ford puts out more power while providing better fuel economy. So why did the Palisade win this comparison rather easily? Because the ride comfort, quality of interior materials, value, and thoughtful daily-use touches in the Palisade are appreciably better.

Car And Driver did a comparison of 5 of the top 3-row family haulers in this well-written article. They praise the degree of comfort for adults in the third row of the Palisade and Telluride as opposed to the competition. They also praised really just about everything about the Palisade and Telluride and said that the choice between the two would really come down to personal preference, but those two were clearly the winners here.

For 2021, AutoGuide compared the top spec Palisade (Calligraphy) trim to the top spec Telluride trim. In most reviews I have seen that have compared the two, the Telluride is normally picked. The funny thing is that it almost always is due to the reviewer in question likes the exterior looks of the Telluride more. Which I think is an odd way to make a selection, as I have spoken to many people that prefer the more upscale/urban look of the Palisade. Fortunately this comparison looks beyond skin deep to try to find the real differences between the two.