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Hyundai Ioniq 6 information and reviews

The official factory page for the Hyundai's Ioniq 6

Top Gear does an excellent video with one of the designers of the Hyundai Ioniq 6. It focuses on the design of the Ioniq 6 and shows pictures of the cars from the circa 1930's which it drew inspiration from. I love that an old Saab is one of the cars (I kind-of have a soft spot for Saab design). The interior, to me, is amazing with its 2-tone lighting and lack of switches on the door panels, no buttons on the door panels so they look very sleek, pixels on the steering wheel which illuminate to communicate certain things to the driver, the fact that the steering wheel doesn't have a logo (just 4 pixels like the Ioniq 5)...anyway, as I said, amazing! I kind-of have a healthy skepticism about electric cars, but this Ioniq 6 I think looks absolutely beautiful. I liked the Ioniq 5 design, but it didn't speak to me like this 6 design does. Oh, and if you are of a certain age like me, you might also appreciate the Knight Rider-like moving red pixels on the rear of the car - they move in unison on a bi-level of pixels.

MotorTrend drove a prototype Ioniq 6 in South Korea. They said that Hyundai states that the dual-motor version will do 0-60 in 5 seconds flat. However, they point out that the Ioniq 5 does the deed in 4.4 seconds with that powertrain, and the dual-motor Ioniq 6 definitely felt quicker. While they didn't get to put it through testing, they said they expect a 4 second flat 0-60. They further claim that the Ioniq 6 has a "heft and solidity the best Mercedes-Benz sport sedans are known for." It has "remarkable wheel control" and even large bumps are more heard than felt, and they aren't very heard. The car is "planted and stable at all times." And it is impossible to feel the braking transition to regeneration to actual braking. It is remarkably quiet inside, even for an EV. They also had a lot of praise for interior materials, as well as the use of actual buttons and knobs. Summing it up, they say: "Hot damn, even as a prototype, this thing is good."

Road and Track calls the Ioniq 6 "striking" and "swoopy". The fact that the Saab 92 was referenced as a styling influence makes me happy! :-) While more information is coming in July of 2022, they expect the same powertrains available in the Ioniq 6 (so even quicker in this car!). The Ioniq 6 offers 64-color choices for interior ambient lighting, and has 6 2-color combinations available. And, of course, it will be loaded with tech.

Road and Track got some preview time behind the wheel of an Ioniq 6 in the Korean home market. They were at a press event where they were following a line of other Ioniq 6's with a Hyundai rep at the lead, but they did do some everyday driving and spent time admiring the design. Read all their comments here.

Car and Driver gives us a sneak peek at what the Ioniq 6 will look like, It is due to arrive in 2023 as a 2024 model. Since it is based on the same platform as the Ioniq 5, it is expected to have generous legroom and a flat floor. The shape in retro-futuristic and very sleek. The sleekness provides an extremely low coefficient of drag to give it more efficiency. Interior materials are made from some pretty interesting recycled and sustainable sources. Check it out here.


As I type this on January 11th, 2023, Car and Driver rates the Ioniq 6 second in class, behind the BMW i4, but, due to its more luxurious interior, ahead of the Tesla Model 3. Likes include the striking exterior design, confidence-inspiring EV range, and the fact that its pricing makes it a great deal. Its powerplant is, well, power-ful, and the handling engaging even though the ride is quiet and quite comfortable.

AutoWeek points out that the Ioniq 6 will be capable of over-the-air updates, and a range of up to 380 miles when properly equipped. They also point out that because of the roominess and layout of the interior, the Ioniq 6 is being marketed as a lifestyle vehicle; one that can serve as your office, living room, or bedroom.

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