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2022 Genesis GV70 information and reviews

The official factory page for the Genesis GV70

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded the GV70 a Top Safety Pick+, their highest rating.

MotorTrend indicates that the GV70 is in the running for their 2022 SUV of the Year award. Judges were very impressed by the interior, indicating that it was the best amongst the SUV of the Year competition. They cited the design, material quality, and technology as the reasons that they felt this way. But it doesn't stop at the interior design. Driving the GV70 they said it was eager to play when the twists and turns come, and were surprised that the handling comes at no expense to the quiet and comfortable ride. They also appreciated the power from both engines among their other praises.

Well, up against SUVs from brands like Infinity, Lexus, Porsche, Volvo, Land Rover, Acura, Jeep, and even two from Hyundai, the GV70 scored a "definitive win" in MotorTrend's 2022 SUV of the Year because it "aces our six key criteria". Comments include "astounds in the way it achieves all around excellence". "the cabin feels precisely assembled and carefully crafted." "Every piece inside the vehicle feels high end. The Gv70 feels special in all the best ways." "Holy s***, this thing is awesome!" "In many vehicles, dynamic excellence comes at the expense of comfort. Not here." "the adaptive suspension is a masterfully tuned delight". And, well, you get the idea. Like they said - it aced all six key criteria. It's really an afterthought that it also costs much less than the competitive set in its market. awarded the GV70 their Top Rated Luxury SUV for 2022. They cite bold styling, impressive comfort, and excellent quality as some of the factors that went into the decision. That it is also a screaming value pushed it over the top.

And here is the full Edmunds review so you can get all their observations. They expand their comments to add things like the roominess of the interior and composed handling. The GV70 is an excellent choice. isn't the only one that feel that the GV70 is tops in its class. Kelley Blue Book also named it Best Luxury Midsize SUV for 2022. While they break down the midsize luxury SUV segment into 3 subsegments, the GV70 (and GV80) outscores them all. Competition includes the Mercedes GLE, BMW X5, Audi Q7/Q8, Porsche Cayenne, Maserati, Range Rover, and more. High marks are given for being on the leading edge of safety and technology, and they praise its athletic and powerful driving characteristics.

JD Power has a study that they call the APEAL study. It stands for Automotive Performance, Execution, and Layout and is meant to measure "owners' emotional attachment and level of excitement with their new vehicle". The GV70 placed first in its class, ahead of Compact Premium SUVs such as the BMW X4, Porsche Macan, and others. A remarkable feat for its first year in existence.

In only its very first year, the Genesis G70 claimed second best in segment in the 2022 JD Power Initial Quality Study.

Kelly Blue Book takes on the Genesis GV70 in this review. It is incredibly stylish, both outside and in. Heads will turn. Then it manages to be very comfortable, while at the same time providing some fun in the handling department. You can load it up with tech if you want, or simply go with a still very well equipped "lesser" trim level (there are no penalty trim levels with this car so choose based on your preferences). One reviewer compared with the Audi Q5 he was driving and said he'd choose the Genesis GV70. The head reviewer mentioned a slew of competition, and said he'd choose the GV70 over all of them.

So I'm not really sure where to start. Road and Track's review of the GV70 is loaded with superlatives. Speaking of the interior, they say the GV70 is "far ahead of the X3 or even GLC in terms of execution." Speaking of the exterior styling, they say it is "among the best-looking cars in its class". As to handling, they say it showed the "ability to carry momentum, pivot sharply, and never be caught wrong-footed by its own weight." They likened the handling ability to that of the BMW X3 and Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Power? The 3.5L TT they tested provided "smooth, effortless, drama-free passes that you'd expect from a big-engine Benz." They tried but couldn't find the cost-cutting, even though it costs less than the competition. They loved it.

Behind the wheel reviews are starting to pop up now. AutoGuide sums up their review of the GV70 by saying "It deserves to be on your (luxury) compact SUV shortlist". They point out that all the bases are covered, and covered well: it has a great balance between sporty handling and comfort (which is adjustable based on which drive mode you switch to), it has great and easily usable technology, a vast array of safety is standard, the styling is beautiful both inside and out, it is comfortable in both the front and rear seats, and it comes available in color combinations that look great and allow you to make a statement.

Car and Driver doesn't add much to the other articles you will find on this page, but they like the GV70 quite a bit, awarding it a score of 10 out of 10, and scoring it second in class (given that it has a roughly $15,000 price advantage over the Porsche Macan, it should earn a higher score). They comment that both engine choices offer plenty of power, the interior design is "high-end", and that the GV70 handles quite well.


AutoGuide here gives a review of the GV70 2.5T. They point out that essentially everything that makes the 3.5TT GV70 so great also applies to the 2.5T model. The 2.5T has less power, but still outpowers all of the four cylinder competition and the power band is front loaded where it matters in everyday driving. While the V6 enjoys certain advantages like the larger wheels and extra power overall, the smaller wheels of the four cylinder provide a more compliant ride and the difference in power isn't all that noticeable in everyday driving.


MotorTrend, who awarded the GV70 their 2022 SUV of the Year, here tests and reviews the 3.5TT model. It is not quite as fast, though not far off, from the BMW X3 M40i and Mercedes AMG GLC43 and Audi SQ5 in 0-60 and quarter mile times. So why does MotorTrend call it their favorite compact luxury SUV? They comment that off track in the real world the GV70 feels more powerful than all of them, that the chassis communicates with the driver better, and that it provides an excellent balance between ride and handling. They also comment that the interior feels special and unique - that it isn't a scaled down version of the next larger  SUV in the lineup like other manufacturers tend to do. They say "Genesis aced this one, and everyone - including the German competition - should take notice."

I include this Autobytel review because he explains in terms of how it compares to much of the competition toward the end of the video; and in his eyes, it stands out. He says he recently reviewed the Mercedes S-Class for Autobytel and he feels that the GV70 driving experience feels like it belongs in the $100k+ field. He rightly explains that it is a sport-y small luxury crossover, not a sportscar, but it is very luxurious. The ride is on the firm side but very comfortable and well-damped, and it is pretty quiet in the cabin. The technology is easy to use. It has standout safety tech. And it even has a few "wow" features available like the 3D instrument cluster display.

As much as I like Savage Geese reviews, and I do, they have been criticized for focusing too much on the negative. Listening to their comments on the test drive it sounded like they thought it was just so-so. But if you listen carefully, that so-so is in the very upper range of the speed and handling limits. At those excessive limits, the Genesis GV70 may not offer quite the degree of powertrain and corner carving capabilities as some of the performance-minded trim levels of the German offerings. Okay. The trade-off is comfort. They even say that the GV70 is more comfortable than a comparable X3. Then you also get the added benefit of a unique design, gorgeous interior, and still an excellent compromise between ride comfort and handling capabilities. Be sure to listen to the final thoughts as he rattles off all the reasons why choosing the GV70 is a great decision.

GV70 vs the Competition

MotorTrend didn't get a trim-to-trim comparison between the GV70 2.5T and the Lexus NX F-Sport. So, needless to say, the Lexus cornered better, but cost more to do so. Even so, the Genesis GV70's comfortable ride, luxurious cabin materials, and better technology gave it the win between the two. They point out that had they compared the GV70's sportier trim level, then the win would have been by an even higher margin (bought if you don't care about going around corners fast, then that trim may not interest you).

AutoGuide got to spend a week playing with the Porsche Macan and the Genesis GV70 3.5TT. The Macan corners better and gets better fuel economy (according to their experience). So why did the GV70 come out on top? The GV70 had more rear seat leg room, more cargo room, cost less, has a more powerful engine, has more technology and that technology is easier to use, has a more upscale interior that makes a statement, and is arguably better looking. See all their praises here.

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