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Genesis GV60 information and reviews

The official factory page for the Genesis GV60.

In this video, Edmunds gives their take of Genesis' preview of the GV60. No journalist has driven it yet, but they did get to spend time with it stationary. They like what they see, and warn other luxury automakers that they should be watching over their shoulders:

In this review, Car and Driver has some nice things to say about the GV60. They feel that the ride is refined and luxurious, and the interior is extremely quiet. Car and Driver made the 0-60 run in 3.7 seconds, so it is ridiculously quick. The one "downside" that they pointed out was that the suspension is more tuned to comfort than corner-carving. They do point out that it handles securely, however, so don't get the wrong idea, and summer tires may afford it better grip, if that's your thing. They sum up by saying "from the strong acceleration to its refinement to the lovely execution of its interior, the GV60 is easy to like."

AutoGuide got their hands on a GV60 but couldn't drive one yet. They reiterate the 4-second 0-60, but add that you can do donuts in this AWD EV as well. They say it is as long as the GV80 and so the rear seat is comfortable for six-foot-tall people. It has luxury galore but one really cool feature is the shifter sphere (you'll have to see the picture to understand).

MotorTrend came away impressed with their time behind the wheel of the GV60. While built on the same basic platform and batteries as the Hyundai Ioniq5 and the Kia EV6, there is quite a lot to set it apart. For one, it is more powerful due to a front motor that puts out greater power, then the Genesis adds a power boost feature that rockets the horsepower to 483 and the torque to 516 for 10 seconds at a time... in a compact crossover. Yikes! Facial recognition, fingerprint scanner, over-the-air updates, and more mean it is even more technology enhanced. Alcantara, leather, a crystal sphere shifter, fragrance diffuser and more point to a more luxurious cabin. They say it looks and feels like no other EV on the road.

G60 vs the Competition

In this video, Edmunds gives their take on how the GV60 compares to the Tesla Model Y. They say that both are great, and Tesla holds the benefit of more padded seats and a larger cargo area. However, the GV60 is a newer design and has, believe it or not, an edge when it comes to technology and its operation and usability. See the video to see the winner (hint: it's the GV60).

AutoGuide compared the Volvo C40 and the Genesis GV60. The Volvo's base price is less than the GV60's base price and the Volvo has more power when comparing base engines. Further, the Volvo's exterior design is less polarizing and the front seats a tad more comfortable, and the Volvo has more front headroom. The Volvo C40 even has slightly better range. They said that the Volvo was an easy car to like and had a lot going for it. It would even be their pick... if the Genesis GV60 didn't exist. So why did the GV60, then, get the win? For everything else. The not-base engine is more powerful, the active safety suite and driver assistance technology is better in the GV60, and the suspension and handling was more spritely. The GV60 is arguably a more pleasing visual presentation inside and out, aided by the interesting colors on offer in the GV60. As for practicality, there is more storage space in the GV60 as well. 

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