Genesis X Concept information and reviews

Before there was the Genesis X Concept, Automobile Magazine reported that Genesis expected to build the Essentia early in the 2020's. It was extremely well received by the press when they showed off the concept. In the interim, COVID and a global microchip shortage affected the plans of most manufacturers.

See here why Automobile Magazine named the Essentia 2018 Concept Car of the Year and how an almond's outer shell was inspiration for how the interior and exterior come together.

The Genesis X Concept seems to be the next step in the beautiful Essentia concept back in 2018. Here, Road & Track makes the argument as to why Genesis needs to build this car. So far, no word as to whether this will actually be built.

Be sure to check out the large number of pictures that Car and Driver has available in this article. Their comment about the Genesis X is that it is Genesis' "most gorgeous concept yet" - high praise after the Essentia won Automobile Magazine's 2018 Concept Car of the Year.