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Genesis G90 information and reviews

The official factory page for the Genesis G90

Kelly Blue Book did a preview look at the upcoming Genesis G90 redesign. They point out the obvious (it is gorgeous!) and the lesser known (like the fragrance system). It was on display at the PGA tour. Take a look!

Savage Geese feels that the Genesis G90 is a great car. As always, they get the negatives out of the way early: the transmission isn't quite as refined as ZF systems used in the Germans like Mercedes and Audi  BUT, he notes, it is 95% of the way there; also he felt that the door handles are gimmicky (he must not have known that you can program the door handles to pop out automatically as you approach the car since he comments that he likes that other cars do this). Further, he notes that the character of the car is quiet and comfortable luxury, not sportiness, and everything is tuned as such. But he LOVES the way it is tuned. It is tremendously quiet inside. It is comfortable and coddling. The controls are actually easy to use, unlike many cars in this class. There are precious few technological gimmicks just for the sake of having technological gimmicks. In a review of the undercarriage, they show that there is aluminum everything as well as rear wheel steering (this is on the higher trim level). In summation, they think that the G90 is awesome and that it is still an incredible value at around $100k.

AutoGuide points out that the new G90 will come in a standard wheel base and a long wheel base. They think, and I agree, that it has styling elements of the striking Genesis X Concept. Powertrain and interior information is yet to come, but this is a beautiful flagship sedan.

Car and Driver indicates that the V8 is gone for the 2023 G90. Personally, I won't miss it. The wide peak torque band of the twin turbo V6 felt as quick anyway. The only engine offered will be a 3.5L twin turbo V6 that you can also find in the G80. It is a very fine engine and should do quite well in the G90. Highlights include the return on massaging seats, a fingerprint scanner to enter and start the car, rear wheel steering, an offered suspension that can raise for rough ground or lower for highway speed travel, a 23-speaker Bang & Olufson sound system, and more.

Oh goodness! 1700-watt audio system! The system mimics what it would sound like if you were enjouing your music in different venues. For example, if you were playing your favorite aria in a symphony hall and then pause the music and start speaking, microphones in the car would make you sound like you were speaking in the empty symphony hall. Fragrance cartridges help to set the interior ambience. But it isn't just about the goodies. Interior materials are top notch, it is extremely quiet inside, the powertrain is refined and all-wheel-drive is standard. Car and Driver sums up saying that the G90 is refined beyond it's $100,000 price tag and, if they were valets, this is the car they would leave out front.

So just be aware that AutoWeek is reporting on a preliminary show model that was on the PGA golf tour; actual US specs have yet to be revealed as of the writing. The design is long, elegant, beautiful. The interior is awash in leather and aluminum and technology and a Bang and Olufson 26-speaker audio system. You can set moods that change music and lighting and seat massage. There are venue modes that replicate the sound of several music venues like Boston Symphony Hall and others (turn the music off and the echo is still there like you are in an empty music hall). This car is going to be amazing!

MotorTrend gets into the design of the new G90 in this article. Take note of where the hood cut lines are - the exterior design is beautifully minimalist. Also notice that there are actual, physical buttons present for radio use and more so Genesis is efforting to keep the technology usable.

And here MotorTrend dives into the interior a little more deeply, even explaining why Genesis bucked the monster length-of-the-dash screen craze going on right now in the luxury segment. The car is well sound-deadened, but also has speed-dependent noise cancellation (counter frequencies pumped into the cabin to cancel the noises coming in) to help make sure the interior stays serene.

Driving the G90 at a press event in Miami, FL, MotorTrend was thoroughly impressed. They praised the significant improvement of the luxuriousness of the ride quality for both the rear passenger (if one were chauffer driven) and for the driver (for the do-it-yourself types). This is partly affected by the available air suspension. They were also delighted with the interior amenity improvements. A standout was the audio. The Bang and Olufsen offers the ability to choose how you want to hear your music, meaning what kind of venue you are in: Boston Symphony Hall? Click that selection. A living room? Click that selection. Of course all this attention to the luxury experience can be defeated if the handling isn't capable and the powertrain doesn't move the vehicle with enough haste. It handles securely despite the size and heft, though it is no sport sedan (it is about luxury, after all), and the powerful 3.5L twin turbo can be further enhanced with a mild hybrid powering an electric supercharger (so it moves out just fine). The price increase puts the mild hybrid in the $100,000 area, but MotorTrend says that Genesis nailed the landing and has another likely winner on its hands. (The subtitle of the article says "Benchmarks, consider yourself marked")

It is no surprise, then, that MotorTrend named the Genesis G90 their 2023 Car of the Year. Read the article to see why it won the coveted award and why one of their judges summed up with "I believe it to be the best luxury car on the market, regardless of price."

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