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Genesis G80 information and reviews

All G80 Trim Levels

The official factory page for the Genesis G80

The official factory page for the Genesis Electrified G80

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded the G80 a Top Safety Pick+, their highest rating.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has safety rated the G80 5 Stars, their highest rating. 

The 2021 JD Power Initial Quality Study has the 2021 G80 rated best in class (not bad for a first-year complete redesign).

And, just to show that was no fluke, the G80 once again took top spot in class for the 2022 JD Power Initial Quality Study.

JD Power has a study that they call the APEAL study. It stands for Automotive Performance, Execution, and Layout and is meant to measure "owners' emotional attachment and level of excitement with their new vehicle". The G80 placed first in its class, ahead of other Upper Midsize Premium Cars such as the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E Class, and Audi A6. An incredible feat considering how young the Genesis brand is, and how established its compe

Road and Track reviewed the G80, covering both the 2.5T and the 3.5TT engines. After heaping praise on the interior and exterior design and usability, they shifted to the drive-ability. They commented that the car has struck a perfect balance of comfort and driving dynamics, making a special point to say that the car has actual steering feel (which is lacking in most modern sedans). Summing it up, after mentioning BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Lexus among its competition, they say that the G80 is "far and away (the) best car in its class". No qualifier like "for the money" or the like. Just. the. best.

Car and Driver awards the G80 a 9 out of 10 rating and ranks the car ahead of the Mercedes E-Class, Audi A7 & A6, BMW 5-series. etc. In fact, they say the only higher rated car in its class is the Mercedes AMG E-53, costing tens of thousands more. They love the "striking exterior design" and "posh cabin", the power yet refined engine choices, and comfortable ride quality.

And if you want to hear it in podcast form, here AutoWeek interviews a Road and Track journalist about the G80. He states, just like the article, that he would choose the G80 over the competition. The fact that it is also less expensive is simply the icing on the cake.

Autoguide, on the other hand, pays more attention to the interior design as they are smitten with it. Yes, they mention the car looks great, drives comfortably and quietly, has lots of power delivered by a smooth transmission, and has a great looking infotainment screen that is easy to use, but it spends half the article on the interior. Once you see it, though, you will understand why. Even better, try out the interior from behind the wheel.

In this review of the G80, Savage Geese brings up some good points. First, they love the G80! It is a luxury comfortable cruiser. He mentions that the degree of quiet and isolation in this car he didn't think was possible at this price point. When reviewing the suspension, Genesis uses quite a bit of aluminum to reduce weight. And about that ride - extremely refined. Comfort is what it is about. So when they get into the misgivings about the cornering characteristics, understand that, like he has said on several other of his reviews, compromises have to be made in order to achieve the desired effect.

I am also glad that he brought up resale value. For 2022, JD Power's ALG (Automotive Lease Guide), which helps to set residual values for the industry, ranks the G70 as the top car in projected resale value in its class. So what they say about Genesis resale value is not expected to hold true going forward, according to third party experts who project resale values for a living.

Another thing I am glad he brings up so I can address it: he brings up a negative dealership experience he had. Understand that is not the rule but the exception. There are still some bad actors out there, but less and less of them. What I did see in my 23 years in sales, is that sometimes a dealer would advertise a low price on a car but then tie it to financing with the dealership in the fine print. Dealers usually make money on financing (just like a bank does, and often dealers can improve on a bank's rate), so considering the profit from financing, they can offer the car for a lower sale price. That is probably what happened in this case. He did his due diligence and found a great price, unfortunately the reason that the price was so great is that it was tied to financing the vehicle through the dealership. So don't lose heart, chances are strong that you will have a good buying experience.

G80 2.5T

Car and Driver took the scenic route to their testing facility in the Mojave Desert while driving the 2.5T version of the Genesis G80. Given the coddling luxury, quiet interior, and fantastic Lexican audio system they were going to cruise the freeway to get there. But they decided to see if the G80 could provide any fun, too. They had some doubts as the car didn't seem designed for twisitn roads. Neveretheless, that's what they chose. And they're glad they did. Turns out the suspension, all-wheel-drive, and staggered tire sizes handle themselves nicely when the roads start twisting. As for the instrumented testing, the skid pad was unavailable but the 0-60 was a mere 5.5 seconds. Turns out that turbo 4-cylinder moves the big luxury sedan with no problems at all.

G80 3.5TT

Just a little update for those of you that have been hoping for a somewhat sportier version of the G80 sedan. Genesis is reviving the "G80 Sport" moniker. It won't get a more powerful engine (the 3.5TT is plenty quick) but it will get suspension and appearance changes to help it live up to its name. MotorTrend tells us more here.

One year into the redesign and Genesis already heeded the call for a sportier option in the G80. Introducing the G80 Sport. It comes with the 3.5TT and AWD. The electronically adaptive suspension now adds a setting where one can opt for 4 percent stiffer dampers in front and 12 percent stiffer dampers in the rear. Additionally, rear wheel steering provides more stable handling. Opting for the summer tires will also improve dry road handling. Car and Driver says it will run with the BMW and Audis of the world as well.

Electrified G80

That's right, before the end of 2022, the Genesis G80 Electric should start arriving in the PZEV states like California and New York. AutoGuide had a chance to drive one in an ecologically friendly car event in Canada. They say that the car is expected to come in one trim - top spec equivalent to the current G80, including AWD and 4-wheel steering. The ride is about comfort as opposed to sport. The acceleration is as strong as the twin turbo V6 model, yet still remains very efficient. Pricing will be announced closer to on-sale date.

G80 vs the Competition

Uh oh. Car and Driver compared the G80 3.5TT to the Mercedes E450 stright-6 turbo. The E450 has a super smooth engine and a perfect balance of ride and hadling. It accelerated more quickly than the Genesis G80 as well. Then why did Car and Driver choose the G80 as the winner of this competition? The G80 has a larger and, yes, more upscale cabin than the E450. They comment that this interior belongs in a $100k+ car. The G80 corners better and stops better than the E450. The G80 interior was also quieter, despite the $1100 sound deadening package in the Mercedes. The lower sale price of the G80 is simply an added benefit.

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