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Here is a link to the factory page of the Genesis G70.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded the G70 a Top Safety Pick+, their highest rating.

US News compiles reviews from around the web to help them provide car rankings, so think of what they do as consensus rankings of the experts. For 2021, the G70 is the #1 ranked luxury small car, placing it ahead of the BMW 3 series, Audi A4, and Mercedes C-Class (and, well, every other car in the class). Kudos include great handlng without sacrificing ride refinement, high end interior materials, and high marks for safety and reliability.

According to the 2020 JD Power Initial Quality Study, the G70 ranked first in class... again. This is the second year in a row, and it has only been eligible for 2 years since it was a new model last year.

Speaking of JD Power studies: let's face it, having a car that's easy to operate is critical to enjoying the car overall. Read through a number of reviews on this site and you will see a trend that Genesis has among the highest satisfaction in the area of infotainment. It is no surprise, then, that the G70 places best in class for its multimedia systems.

Car and Driver here reviews the changes made to the 2022 G70 in its freshening. They praise that Genesis only made better what earned it a spot on their 10Best list when it came out in 2019. The sporty is still there, and even enhanced by a Sport+ driving mode that better holds on to gears and an active exhaust that finds a few more horsepower. Its good looks are enhanced by the twin-light treatment front and back and the corporate shield grille. Even the interior is enhanced by a larger infotainment screen. See all their praises here.

AutoGuide here revirews the changes for the 2022 model year G70. They say it has the same winning formula as before (which is why it remains their favorite luxury compact sport sedan), but now has improved looks on the interior and exterior.

Autoweek explains 5 ways that the G70 may be better than the German 3 it competes against in this article. It then goes on to point out that 2 ways it cannot is that it doesn't have a full-blown performance version like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes all do, and that it doesn't have brand heritage. But they wrap up by saying the ways it beats the German 3 actually matter, and Genesis G70 buyer may be better off for it. See their praise of the interior (which they say may be best in class), and the other 4 highlights here.

Autoweek in this "essentials" column, they say is you are considering a compact luxury sport sedan and do not have the G70 on the list that you are doing yourself a disservice. They point out that the 3.3L twin turbo powerplant is excellent and has power everywhere. The suspension is planted and yet damps bumps very well, and the steering is precise and direct. The interior is well put together and everything is where it belongs for ease of use. In short they say Genesis is "killing it" right now.

In this more detailed article on the G70, AutoWeek more fully explores the styling and driving characteristics. They give very high marks to the balance between comfort and handling, steering feel, interior quality, power and acceleration, and more. They come away saying that the G70 is a fantastic first effort in the class and makes a compelling alternative to the class leaders.

Automobile Magazine drove the G70 in New England, both on the roads and on what the editor said was a rather challenging race track, calling it more of a roller coaster than a track. He says the twin-turbo V6 runs like its backside is on fire, but also that the turbo 4-cylinder is excellent. Dynamic, comfortable, and elegant, the editor says he judges a car by whether or not he would be willing to spend his own money on one. And, in the case of the G70, he says the answer is an "unqualified yes". He summed up saying that the G70 is the car we have been asking for: "luxurious, affordable, reasonably practical, great to drive".

MotorTrend praises the G70's simple exterior design and simple interior controls. They point out that the engineering team took great pains to achieve a terrific ride using simplicity as well. Lead engineer Albert Biermann (formerly lead engineer of BMW's performance M division) says that while electronically adjustable suspensions are great, most consumers don't know that they exist or how to set them, so he preferred a more mechanical approach. The results? "impeccable road manners" and "Refinement and elegance: achieved." That being said, the option of an adaptive suspension exists; it just isn't needed. MotorTrend sums up by saying they believe that Genesis will have a bright future.

In this article, MotorTrend proves its prediction right when reviewing the changes for the freshened 2022 Genesis G70. Restyling on the outside brings the car more in line with the twin-light, large grille look of the rest of the line-up. The interior welcomes a larger infotainment touchscreen and minor other tweaks. They sum up calling it a "serious threat to longtime luxury automakers" and saying it "strikes an excellent balance between performance and comfort".

Road and Track wraps up their article about the G70 saying that they know that the G70 will be priced lower than its German competition but that it doesn't understand why. The ride is comfortable, the cabin extremely quiet, the handling very sound, the interior rich, and it all comes with an abundance of easy-to-use technology. And it is all wrapped in a beautiful exterior with striking paint. This car is ready to take on the best competition in the class right out of the gate.

And here is a video review from Road and Track of the G70. They say it looks great and drives great - and that it drives better than its competition that has been making great cars for 40 years.

Road and Track did instrumented testing of the 3.3TT model but this article covers the 4-cylinder as well. They made an interesting comment about the weight of the car - they say it isn't light - but it isn't light in a good way. They commented that on the track it isn't fidgety and could be taken over a dip and drive into small curbing on the track without upsetting the chassis. The Brembo brakes provided little-to-no fade and the steering was spot on (better than BMW and Mercedes-AMG in some ways). While it won't embarrass in the track, the car is made for the road. Find some fun twisting back roads and they say it is more fun than a Mercedes-AMG C43 and as good as a BMW 3-series. R&T sums up saying that while another sport sedan may not have been needed in the market, they sure are glad that Genesis built one.

Consumer Reports, in their first drive of the G70, feels that it has the stuff to be competitive with the establishment in the class. They spoke highly of the ride and handling and overall refinement. 

AutoBlog drove the G70 in New England and came away calling it a "silent assassin". They say it is eerily quiet inside, and even standing outside the car. After driving it on a track in New England and on the track's local roads, they say that the quality, appearance, comfortable ride and interior, handling, and power all have the chops to take on the best of the segment. agrees with everyone else about how fantastically the car drives: it is comfortable, has world-class refinement of ride, and has lots of power from either engine choice. But they spend time talking about something I only have seen briefly mentioned in other reviews: the simplicity of the infotainment and climate controls. Many luxury brands are turning to more complex systems that are flashy but not easy to use while driving. Genesis has kept it simple, realizing that flashy but distractingly difficult-to-use systems aren't the best when trying to change the radio station or the temperature at 55 miles per hour.

G70 2.0T

Knowing very few people will opt for the manual transmission, MotorTrend opted instead to drive the Turbo 4-cylinder with automatic transmission. How do they feel about the automatic 4? Their staff said it "represents the pinnacle of a segment" and that it beats the comparable 3-series BMW. And those comments after they pointed out that they had a couple of minor electrical issues with the car, that it lacked a semi-permanent manual mode, and that it was slower than the German competition 0-60. Then how did it vault ahead? It has a near perfect 51/49 weight distribution anc is a perfect balance between sport and luxury in the driving experience. While 0-60 isn't as quick as the competition it is still a quick car. And they commented that the steering "compliments the excellent chassis tuning". And they liked the interior layout. So it came down to being an excellent driver's car with an inviting interior.

G70 3.3TT

Car and Driver drove the 3.3TT V6 version and came away calling it a "worthy 3-series competitor". They commented that their nits are pretty minor, then listed two, followed by "That's pretty much it."  They loved the way it drove saying that its reactions to your inputs just asks the driver to push harder. They commented on the beautiful look of the interior, and the accompanying quiet cabin. See all their comments here.

How does it handle on the track at VIR for Car and Driver? They say this luxury car feels right at home on the track (with the right package for track driving - early versions were the "Dynamic Package" but the "Sport Package" has the right stuff, too.)

AutoBlog drove the 3.3TT V6 and compared it to the Turbo 4-cylinder with manual transmission. They praised the superior handling, comfort, etc of both cars, one of the journalists even commenting that as he considered whether he would want any of the G70's competitors over the G70 he didn't know that he would. Both journalists were mixed on the feel of the manual transmission but both agreed that even though the 4-cylinder was a capable engine they still preferred the over 100-HP more of the V6.

G70 vs the Competition

MotorTrend pitted the 4-cylinder Turbo Genesis sedan against a $15,000 more expensive BMW 330i and a $10,000 more expensive Tesla Model 3, and then didn't account for the prices of the cars. They feel these three models represent the best in the segment. Who comes out ahead? Spoiler Alert! The G70 doesn't win this comparison. But read the article and I think you'll be surprised by how the G70 compares to the other two. Or, after all the awards, maybe you won't be.

Car and Driver pitted the G70 2.0T vs the Volvo S60 T5. The two came in pretty close, but mainly because the Volvo has a friendlier back seat and a plusher cabin. As for driving fun, they said that the G70 was the one to have. And that is what ultimately won it the comparison.

I found this article to be very interesting. The Genesis G70 3.3TT V6 isn't really a true sport sedan in the "sold out for sport" department. It handles very well but it realizes that it is meant to be an everyday commuter car while also providing a lot of satisfaction when you want to carve corners. Car and Driver compared the BMW M340i with the Genesis G70 mentioned above with the Sport Package. The BMW won this competition... when looking at the performance numbers. But see if you read the same thing I did. I think they pretty clearly said that if this is a car you drive every day, then the G70 does everything almost as well in the performance department, but does so more comfortably while providing controls that are easier to use.

AutoGuide compared the 2018 BMW 340i, the 2018 Kia Stinger, and the 2019 Genesis G70 3.3TT V6. All three cars were agile on their feet, were comfortable to drive, and had nice interiors. But the higher-class interior and the better agility of the G70 brought it to the head of the class.