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North American Car of the year is voted on every year by a panel of automotive journalists from the US and Canada. This year the Elantra won 2021 North American Car of the Year. The other finalists were the Genesis G80 and the Nissan Sentra.

Car and Driver calls the new Elantra "more compelling than ever". It is no wonder given the longer wheelbase and longer length help to improve interior room, especially back seat leg room. It offers several different powertrains, each of which offers solid handling characteristics and good steering feel. They point out that the design takes a bold step forward, and there is a host of standard and optional features (including wireless Android Auto / Apple CarPlay on even the base model).

Probably not surprising, then, that Car and Driver awarded the 2021 Elantra an Editors' Choice award.

Edmunds.com likes the Elantra quite a bit! They point out that the base engine models are more about efficiency than sporty driving, but that is why they have two spicier engine and suspension set-ups (for those that value sportiness over efficiency and a softer ride). There is also a Hybrid model for those that put a premium on efficiency. What did they like? Ride comfort, spaciousness, a wide array of technology that is also easy to use.


And if you would rather just watch the video review, here it is.

This article from MotorTrend draws a few comparisons to the Civic, Corolla, and Mazda3 to let you know how the Elantra compares on paper. 195 lb-ft of torque is crazy get-it-moving power for this size/weight of a car for the hybrid version. The hybrid version may actually be the sporty one to have with its 4-wheel-independent suspension. This article alsao includes the official video release of the 2021 Elantra.

Savage Geese tends to do a deeper dive into the vehicle in their reviews. In addition to offering opinion on the interior and exterior styling, technology, and drivability, they put the car on a lift and explain the engine, transmission, and suspension that the car has. I thought this video deep dive into the Elantra Limited offered interesting insights about the way that Hyundai set up the powertrain and suspension. It isn't as quiet and refined as some other brands' compact cars even though they showed in the previous Elantra that they can do refined. Savage Geese says they chose to make it a little less quiet and buttoned-down in favor of adding personality to the driving experience. In their comments on the transmission, they comment that Hyundai's IVT transmission in this car is better than the competition's CVTs, including Honda, Subaru, and Toyota, calling Hyundai's "way better".

In this review of the Elantra Limited, AutoGuide says that the car is nearly perfect for its class. They argue that the quality of the interior is deserving of the next class up, citing leather interior, soft touch plastics, knurled knobs, and dual 10.25" screens - one for the instument panel and one for the infotainment. The engine is lively and the handling maneuverable, but it is more about fuel economy and comfort; there are other trim levels that offer more power and sportier handling. The writer admittedly had a hard time coming up with anything to criticize - I found it funny that in the typical "3 positives and 3 negatives" section, that he admittedly gave up after 2 negatives that he said were really just nit picking.

Car and Driver took the N Line for a spin (the more powerful 1,6L Turbo). They enjoyed the great balance between a daily-driver compliant ride and body composure during spirited cornering. Honda may have discontinued the Civic Si but Hyundai is here to provide the fun-to-drive sporty compact.

Automobile Magazine reviewed the Elantra N Line. The journalist spoke at length at the fun he had while driving this car. He argues that it makes for a nice commuter car that also offers loads of fun to drive.

Uh oh! Automobile Magazine drove the Elantra N Prototype for a 70-mile loop through twists and turns. Comments include "The 2022 Hyundai Elantra N is stellar", "the Elantra N was an animal, with claws that pierced the pavement and powerful haunches that launched it in any direction I wanted", "It changed direction quickly and accurately, and it screamed out of the corners", "We killed that road, the Elantra N and I" and "Overall, I loved the damned thing". After all the fun he had in it, he said that it wasn't until after he got out of the car, full of exhileration, and looked back at the car, that he even remembered that it is a family friendly car (he noted the generous proportions and the fact that the suspension and steering settings allow for a comfortable drive or a day at the track, and degrees in between). 

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