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Granted, the subcompact car segment isn't loaded with compelling options. So when there is one, it stands out. For 2022 Car and Driver has scored the Hyundai Accent a 9 out of 10, scoring it an Editor's Choice award. Among other things, they praise the cheerful handling and the well made, easy-to-use interior. Where does it rank? They say best in class.

The 2021 JD Power Initial Quality Study shows the Accent took best in its class.

And repeated that feat for 2022!

As of writing this on 6-27-22, US News has the Accent rated best in the subcompact car class. They praise the composed ride quality, fine braking, roomy cabin, and great reliability. Other plusses include the easy-to-use infotainment system and good fuel economy.

Perception amongst those that don't work in the car business is catching up to the fact that Hyundai and Genesis build great vehicles that are among the very best in their segments when it comes to quality, comfort, performance, and value. Those who do work in the car business have known this for years. The "last frontier", so to speak, is resale value, meaning how well cars hold their value. Many are aware that Honda and Toyota tend to do well in this area, but Hyundai and Genesis are at a point where they do as well. While Honda won the overall mainstream brand award and Lexus the premium award, Hyundai and Genesis placed model winners, and that doesn't happen without brand recognition. This year, Hyundai places a segment win for the Accent. See the 2022 JD Power ALG Residual Value Awards winners here. Hyundai tied Honda for most segment winners, while Genesis placed a win for the G70. is impressed with the Hyundai Accent. Sure, in the mainstream subcompact class there needs to be some compromises to accomplish cost considerations, but these are minimal in the Accent. They cite that it is well-built with no squeaks or rattles, is nimble and fun to drive, gets really good fuel economy, and Hyundai stands behind it with a fantastic warranty. See all their observations here.

Savage Geese, in this deeper dive video review of the Hyundai Accent, is not impressed with the power of the 4-cylinder engine. Nor are they impressed with the ride quality in the back seat. So why do they like the Accent so much and say they'd be glad to own one?

MotorTrend reviews the Hyundai Accent and noted that it is quieter, more comfortable, more refined, and offers a greater degree of amenities than the outgoing Accent. They praised the power of the engine stating that even though the horsepower and torque figures are down slightly, it has been retuned to provide better power delivery. They said you can cruise at 75 MPH with three passengers in the car with no problem. They said the transmission is smooth and body motions are well-controlled with its revised suspension and stiffer body structure.